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Dear Hugo,

I have just returned from my travel to Israel where I had the opportunity of joining the ORT students from 9 countries who are carrying out their research at the Weizmann Institute labs within the framework of the World ORT International Raya Cowan Science Summer School.

The summer school is going extremely well and I wanted to share my feedback with you after meeting Matheus Esteves Ferreira and his Israeli counterpart, Ofek Aloni and their project “X-ray Crystallographic Determination of the3-Dimensional Structure of Lysozyme”. I must tell you how impressed I was not only with the students themselves but with their attitude and level of knowledge. Dr Matthew Belousoff, who is their mentor for this research, told me that they are excellent and devoted students with great potential.

I am pleased to attach a photo of the buys at the lab and I hope you will find it possible to share them with Matheus parents and teachers.

I did not have a chance to see Luiza Amaral who is doing her research on “Energy Utilization in Multidrug Resistance of Bacteria” together with another Israeli student, Chiraz Cherf but I received very good feedback from the Summer School madrich who says that both Brazilian students are a credit to their schools and I must congratulate ORT Brazil on their selection.

I see that both your students is another excellent evidence of ORT Brazil advancement in Biotech studies.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Summer School and we look forward to receiving our students’ research proceedings which, as always, will be supervised by the distinguished scientists at the Weizmann Institute, including the Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Ada Yonat.

Best regards,

Vladimir Dribinskiy

Chief Program Officer

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